AOCYPAA was formed in mid-1996 with a few distinct goals in mind. The excerpts used as a preamble to our guidelines were taken from our first ACYPAA bid package needs statement. Our first couple of meetings at the Newport Alano club showed us that there was a definite problem in Orange County and its surrounding areas concerning unity and fellowship among young people in A.A. These meetings drew over 50 young people concerned about our future and from these meetings AOCYPAA was spawned. We knew we needed order in forming this committee.

The best way we saw fit to create order was to follow the path laid down by the young people before us in ACYPAA. We formed AOCYPAA with two distinct goals in mind. First, we are to be of maximum service to others, which included carrying the message of recovery to newcomers. Second, we must foster unity. For without unity, we risk losing everything. We are confident in accomplishing these goals. For the first time in many years, Northern, Central, and Southern Orange County young peoples’ groups have come together. AOCYPAA is welcoming all groups to unite with us in our journey towards recovery. Excerpts from the Needs Statement of AOCYPAA’s 1997 Bid Package.

If you are looking to grow your fellowship or to be of service come hang with us at one of our business meetings!